4400 Labs
Pronounced: forty-four-hundred-labs

📈 Spring 2021 update below:

-  team has grown to 20+
- raised more VC $ to scale our efforts - primarily for tech & product
- millions more in  in sales... lots of moving parts that need to be automated
- still profitable (which matters in the long-run!)

👉 Summer 2020 update below:  

- after one year, we have landed on a concept that's growing each month;
- raised millions in venture funding;
- accepted into the best startup accelerator in the world;
- millions of dollars in sales
- profitable (which matters in the long-run!)

And.... we're hiring - Loom us or please email willson@4400Labs.com

💡Fall 2018 update below:

- currently working full-time with a funded team of engineers and operations folks.
- we are stealth, testing multiple ideas in categories like home services, hospitality, travel, food, and the future of work. Working towards building a venture funded concept that has the potential to become a $1 billion business.

😎 team:

- one co-founder formerly founded and built GoFetch – a pet sitting and dog walking platform (raised $3.5M - acquired 2018)
- one co-founder sits on the board of 4 unicorns 🦄🦄🦄🦄

- learn a little more here.

📖 Things you should read before we work together:

Working Backwards - two long-serving Amazon executives
Projects and Companies
- Sam Altman
Startup Playbook - Sam Altman
996 working hour system - Wikipedia
The World's Most Ruthless Startup - Inc Magazine
Do Things That Don't Scale - Paul Graham
Netflix Culture - Netflix
Hard Startups - Sam Altman
Fast - Patrick Collison
Charlie Ergen - Wikipedia